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Next Step Software covers work as a contractor for enterprise software development projects and acts as an operator of its own products.

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Cutting-edge Software Engineering since 2011

The contract work is focused on offering the services of Andy Wermke as a Senior Software Engineer / Architect for an hourly rate.

Note: Contract work is currently unavailable. We will inform you here when this is about to change.

Development Services

Professional Coding

Writing software as a member of a SCRUM or Kanban team.
Code changes being reviewed as pull requests.

React.js Applications

Having created enterprise-grade React apps since 2014, you can rely on our experience.
Favorite stack includes Parcel or Webpack and Redux or observables for state management.

Node.js Backend

Creating high-performance event-driven node.js backends since 2011.
Favorite stack includes Koa, Postgres and Redis. Deployed using Docker Swarm or Kubernetes.

ES2017+ & TypeScript

We love typed code to catch errors as early as possible! Up-to-date syntax keeps complex code readable.
Immutable data structures are considered the key to an enjoyable debugging experience.

Our SaaS Products

Visual snapshot testing – Render React.js components, whole pages and arbitrary web content to compare it against expected visual appearance. Catch user interface regressions before they go live.

Babel as a Service plus CDN. The CDN's unique feature is to transpile scripts in multiple configurations, detect the user's browser on runtime and serve the optimal bundle for the user's particular browser.

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